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Robert Lapic

Robert Lapic

Sales Agent
Laing+Simmons St George | Carss Park
Ph: 8558 0016
M: 0426 826 131
F: 9546 1881

Robert Lapic

Get to know Robert with these 11 Q’s and A’s:

1. How long have you been in the real estate industry and what are your specialty suburbs?
I have been in real estate for a total of 5 years. My specialty suburbs are Sans Souci, Sandringham, Dolls Point, Ramsgate & Ramsgate Beach respectively.

2. Something people wouldn’t know about you by looking at you is….
I’m somewhat shy… To a point that is ;)

3. Number one on your bucket list is….
Round the world motorcycle ride! The long way around.. It’s on the cards!

4. What is your best lifetime experience and why?
Aside from getting married and having my kids, my most valued lifetime experience is having lived in Europe and traveling the world extensively.

5. What would I find you doing on your day off?
I love spending time with my wife and my two boys on my days off. Typically we go out for breakfast together followed by a family activity.

6. What or who has had the most positive impact on your life?
Collectively all the people that I have surrounded myself with or that have been/are a part of my life.

7. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be and why?
I’ve always approached every moment in life with clarity. I honestly can’t look back and say that I would change anything in my life as I feel that my decisions have always been the right ones for the right reasons.

8. If you were sent to prison and could only take one thing, what would it be?
A picture of my family.

9. Something that gets right under your skin is….
Rudeness and people that are excessively opinionated.

10. Got any embarrassing moments you’d like to share?
None at all!

11. What would be the theme song to your life story?
It’s my life – Bon Jovi
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